Sunday, August 28, 2011

Some of the after effects of Hurricane/Tropical Storm Irene

We survived. The wind was nowhere near as bad as the weathermen said it was going to be. But, we did get quite of bit of flooding as it rained a lot in a short period of time. We are used to it though, and have taken a lot of precautions over the years to protect the driveway and the well.
                                                            The front porch got soaked.
 The hoop house held up better than I thought it would. But, if I left the chickens there they probably would have blown away...
                    The seasonal brook just the culvert and ran down the driveway. We fixed it though.
The following are of our main road outside our driveway.
Just above the driveway on our side of the road the water jumped the culvert and collapsed the road.
The town fixed this same area not too long ago.
                   A good chunk of these rocks have been deposited in the end of our driveway.
             Jerry looking at the seasonal brook that jumped the culvert and wiped out the side of the road.
It also undermined the side of the road slightly up the hill next to our neighbor's driveway.
They may be able to get out in the morning...

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