Sunday, July 21, 2013

Interesting blog post on spinning Jacob wool. One fleece, many possibilities!

We have sheared many Jacob fleeces in the past few years. The Lilac (brown and white) get set aside.
The rest went to Friends Folly Farm- -where they did a GREAT job with them. She took 1/2 and separated the colors. She then ran it through the carder that way and spun 1/2 of that into a great worsted weight yarn that shows the colors. The other 1/2 she ran through the picker, then the carder and 1/2 continued into worsted weight yarn. The yarn knits beautifully and the roving spins like melted butter! The roving and yarn will be on the fleece blog soon (if I don't get distracted again...).

With working 6 days a week for the Post Office and shearing/haying, life has been a little busy. I will be keeping my Sundays to myself and the farm even though hubby will still be shearing/haying... I have a LOT to catch up with here! I hope to have the blogs updated and to get ALL of the fleeces tagged, photographed and posted. My next big show is in only 67 days! YIKES!! What ever does not sell on the blog will be at the VT Sheep & Wool Festival. And I have more fleeces that need to be washed and sent to the mills to become yarn...


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