Sunday, July 21, 2013

This little piggie came home, eventually!

When the pigs came home last Sunday, there were only the cattle panels. Valery and Paul's pig, Hammy, was the first one in. Then came Wilbur. As I went to get Gizmo, Jerry said 'You have a run away pig!' And off to only God knew where (and apparently the neighbor across the river) went Hammy. In the meantime, I got Gizmo out of the car and loaded him in the temporary holding pen with Wilbur. Hammy was NOWHERE to be found!!     

 Hammy is the only one with a tail.

 As you can see, Hammy returned. He managed to cross the river and showed up in the driveway of the neighbor across the river from us. He did call us to let us know what had happened. He came back at dinner time, but I could not catch him. By then, Jerry and I put up all of the pallets so that no one else could escape. Plus, I did not need to worry about the coyotes.
 He was sleeping on the other side of the pallets from his two brothers the next morning and I managed to get him in. They were thrilled to be together again!!
 This is one week later.

 The 6' truck cap that we used when we had the baby chicks and their mothers on the front deck.
It is working out great for a bedtime area for them. As they get bigger it will be put up on some pallets
to become a larger house for them. They will be here until Thanksgiving/Christmas, depending on when the
butcher and smoker is available and the weather.

 They have one area that they poop. I did not know that about pigs...
They are doing a good job rutting up their area.
Next Sunday I will let them out into a bigger area to tear up.
We will leave this set up for them to have a safe place to go at night, 
and a place to eat and drink, and wallow. Right now the wallow is the black dishes...

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