Sunday, January 19, 2014

Can I come in?

 Our almost 2 year old Horned Dorset ram, Christopher

 Our 6 year old Romney ram, Stormy Weather.

 She won't let me in. What makes you think she'll let you in.

Our barn is FULL!!! It is 24'x30'
1/3 is mothers-to-be. 2/3 of the other 1/3 is non-breeders, 
and that other1/3 is grain/water room.
The center 1/3 is the aisle way. This normally has a round bale in it.
Right now it is housing these 2. The only time they see outside is when we
 are home and they can run free. Otherwise, they might be at the neighbors...

Eventually, when Jerry finishes the brakes on my car.....
We will finish the hoop house for the rams and wethers.
They will have cattle panels for fencing for the winter.
This spring they will move in to the fenced in area where the pigs were not.
Where the pigs were needs to be seeded with grasses and soybeans.
We will see what grows the best over there.
Unless of course, we sell the farm first. Then, the new owners will see what grows best.

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