Friday, January 24, 2014

This will make our friends happy

Jerry has decided we will be here in Sutton for another 2-3 years. Unless of course someone makes an offer he can't refuse!! That takes some of the stress off me! The lower level needs lots of TLC from me!! Slowly but surely I am getting wool organized. Then, I can start picking and carding. But, I need to have some time off from work!!

I hope to get some painting and trim done this weekend. Planned on it today, but I worked outside all afternoon. It is pretty bad when 5 degrees with a Carhartt suit on feels comfortable. I guess it is all relative. We will be back to sub-zero next Wednesday.

We built the boys a small hoop house which we covered with plastic and a tarp. Jerry built a pallet 'box' around the inside of the hoop house for more strength. With the horned wonder in there, we needed to protect the hoop house from his horns. We used 3 16' cattle panels on the outside for fencing. We moved Christopher, a Horned Dorset ram, and Stormy, a Romney ram down tonight at feeding time. Tomorrow, or Sunday, we will move Abraham, a Border Leicester/Romney wether, and Monster, a Horned Dorset cross, down with Stormy and Christopher.

I will try to take some pictures tomorrow of the hoop house and the boys, and get them posted here.


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