Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Another day after ANOTHER snow storm

Up the driveway where the truck HAD been stuck...

Looking down the driveway
The chickens all snug in their 'greenhouse'.
At least that is what we originally built it for.
Then, I got more chickens and they no longer fit in their original house...

The dog kennel for the chickens.
It has since been shoveled out more to encourage them to come out.
Yes, that is an OLD blanket. I did not want to plastic them in, and this keeps the wind,
and any birds (owls, sparrows, etc.) that don't belong, out.
We do have a few brave souls. These are a few of the youngest girls at 2 years old.
Inside the barn with some of the boys. 
Front and center is Cloud.
He is an OLD Romney wether.
Bummer. Horned Dorset ram.
We lost his mother within 48 hours of his birth to a massive
vaginal prolapse. Another mother took him on as her own with
her other (1) lamb. When he moved into general population,
he 'bummed' from other mothers that had lots of milk.
So far, he is a very gentle soul. Just like his father.
That is an extremely good thing with rams. 
Especially those with horns!!!
To the far right is Trouble. Another Romney wether. 1 year old.
I know! I have cobwebs in my barn!
This is Nea, the llama with NO guard hair,
and Noggen, the alpaca.
They belong to my friend Shari Mead.
She is in Florida staying warm. 
They are here hanging out with my girls.
It is a win-win for all!!

You can see by the Jeep parked in front of the house how much snow we've gotten.
The sheep in the back with the colored face belongs to our neighbor
Pebbles. She came down the hill to be bred to Stormy Weather.
Since she is a single sheep on the farm, she will stay until Pebbles
can't stand to be without her. Hopefully when she goes home she
will take another sheep with her!

Noggen is like, 'Take my picture!! Not theirs!'

Stormy Weather

Happy birthday Maggie!! (Far right)
She was born in February of 1999.
She is still going strong!!

Work on the barn that need to be finished before we put the house
on the market. I also plan to paint it barn red with white trim.

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