Sunday, February 08, 2015

Not a good day for me or my car

When I can get the phone (new to me!) to connect to my Wi-Fi, or the computer, I will upload pictures.

First, I pull up to a mailbox to deliver. Should have skipped it because I knew I'd have to back away... When I backed up, the passenger front wheel slipped into the ditch and left me stuck. Fortunately the home owner and a neighbor pulled me out before AAA got there.

That was less than an hour into the mail route.

Fast forward to 4 pm. Drive up a LONG steep driveway to deliver a package. Check. No place to turn around. (Was afraid of that when I started.) Back down on the snow covered driveway slowly. Pull into the connecting driveway to deliver another package. Leave at front door when no one answers knock. Get in car. Start to back up believing I am lined up with the garage when POW!!! It feels and sounds like a gun shot. I hit a snow covered dumpster with my rear lift gate and blow out the back window. I was using my mirrors and NEVER even saw it.

Call 911, USPS and my insurance company. Then I call my husband.

The rescue squad shows up, the police show up with lights & SIREN which brings out the home owner and a crying child (7-8 yr old) because of the commotion in their yard. Everyone has to see what happened. License and registration please. Insurance company?

Nothing hurt but my car and my pride. I needed some more humbling I guess.

Meet up with Jean, one of the city carriers who takes back the out going mail.

Go back to the Post Office with my newly ventilated car. Yes. Police Chief Richard Lee said I could drive it like that. Proceed to recase the mail I could not deliver. NO! I am not delivering mail, in the snow, with no back window. I am sorry!! You will get it Monday!! The boss wants me to take out an LLV. No. It is 5 pm, snowing, and I am ready to quit my job. That is what I told him. Give him the run down of what happened.

Get home, go out for dinner with friends. Come home and go to bed.  I am SO THANKFUL that I managed to get enough of the garage cleaned out for the car to go in there.

We are now in the midst of a storm that is supposed to drop up to 18" in the next couple of days.... I was SUPPOSED  to deliver on that same route Monday and Tuesday. Not happening.

Not sure what is happening until I talk to my insurance company. I will most likely call the salvage company in Claremont and see if they have another lift gate. I think I put enough of a dent in it that the new window might not seal properly.

And, I need to be less nice and not deliver mail if I think I might get stuck or hurt. It is not be to be that way. But, I guess I will have to learn!!

And, how is your weekend going?


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