Saturday, May 21, 2016

Every day is an adventure.

 Little Meredith (as in Mary is little lamb)
and the older lambs.  She is 13 days old now.

 Isn't she cute?! She will be staying on the farm.
 I will be glad when she loses her tail.
It looks kind of funky right now...
 Lambs (and their moms) out on grass.

 Condalista (Leeza) and her daughter Meredith (Mary)

 Stormy hanging out in the barn. The other
two are behind the door out of sight.
 Christopher decided to swing out the door, instead
of rolling it along the track. He is bad that way. (He is 
my Horned Dorset ram.) Jerry took it apart yesterday,
fixed it, and put a LARGE rock in front of the door
so he can no longer push it out of bend the track.

 Yesterday morning I went to let out sheep,
and found them all in the hall way of the barn.
They had trashed the hay stacked there, as well as 
a lamb fleece and 4 beautiful Romney fleeces that 
were at the end of the hall. I had tossed them in the 
barn a couple of days ago when I was trying to skirt
fleeces and it started to rain. I could not bring myself
to take a before picture as I was so close to crying or 
hurting someone... Somehow, they managed to slip the 
green gate up and out of the rings that hook it to the wall.
 Fleeces waiting their turn on the skirting
table. Fortunately, they did not destroy these!
 The hallway is now cleaner than it was to begin with!
 The trashed fleeces.
I managed to save 1/2 of the lambs fleece (below).
Needless to say, I was not happy with any of my animals
yesterday as was just as happy to go to work delivering mail.

Now, I need to go skirt some more fleeces before it rains
and get them on the fleece blog. I checked it yesterday and
it has been almost a year since I posted there. Time to fix that!!

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