Friday, May 20, 2016

Our booth at NH Sheep & Wool

My sweet hubby! And, favorite shearer!!

The loom sold at the last minute on the last day.

I paid for a 3rd spot when one person cancelled.
But, I also ended up using a 4th spot when someone
did not show up. I could have used one more in order
to put out the rest of my yarn. We also had a LOT more
raw fleece that did come out the first day. Some did the 2nd.
Every show I think to myself I need longer table cloths.
Or to not put the totes under the tables...
Every show I forgot. :)
Until I see the pictures.
I sent 4 of the silver/gray Romney fleeces to Zeilinger's
to be roving. And, I dropped off all of the Horned
Dorset to Sallie's Fen Fiber to also become roving.
Some. if not all, will be in Tunbridge, VT and in 
Deering, NH for the VT Sheep & Wool Festival
the first weekend in October and the Wool Arts
Tour the 2nd weekend in October.

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