Sunday, May 08, 2016

Happy Mother's Day surprises

 This was our afternoon surprise.
A yearling ewe that must have gotten pregnant
through the fence. There is no one to know which of 
the 3 rams impregnated her. There is a fence between
 her and the rams, but it is the same fence that was between 
her 13 year old mother and the rams when she got pregnant
2 years running. First twin rams lambs, one of which is 
Jeremy whom we kept, and this ewe and her twin.
She lambed outside in the rain with the llama watching
right over her. The llama was not happy when we brought them in.
 She has turned out to be a doting mother.
She is 1/2 Dorset and 1/2 Romney. 
I LOVE our Dorset sheep.

 The wind was blowing like crazy, so the blanket was
put up between the lambing jug and the rams.
 As you can see the lambing area was set up as
my skirting area. The skirting table is back up on
the wall, and the fleeces stacked up waiting to
be loaded into the horse trailer for next weekend's
NH Sheep & Wool Festival in Deerfield, NH

 This was surprise number one for hubby.
My daughter came to spend Mother's Day with us.
It is only every 6-7 years that the festival is not on
Mother's Day weekend. 
Plus, it was to surprise him for his 60th birthday
that was last week.
Surprise number two, not photographed, was a 
custom gun cabinet built of oak by a cabinet
maker in Newport, NH. If anyone is interested
in getting their own cabinet built, email me and I
will put you in touch with him. Hubby was quite pleased!
My hubby (the shearer), my daughter, and myself.

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