Saturday, August 05, 2017

Shoulder news

Come early December I should be getting more surgery on my shoulder. She said there will be a metal piece over the ball and a screw to hold it in place.

Jerry has hernia surgery scheduled first and I will be in a sling for 6 weeks with another year of recovery time ahead of me. In the meantime to give me some relief while I wait they gave me a shot of Tramadol in the shoulder joint. I refused the cortisone shot as I did not react well to the last one. We will see if this helps. She said it should give me some relief for up to 6 weeks. It would be wonderful to get off the Vicodin...

6 weeks in a sling should be fun! At least doing it in December and January I have nothing I have to deal with on the farm. Ewes will be quietly growing their lambs, the chickens may be giving eggs, but I can collect those one handed, and the pigs will be a distant memory. Provided the butcher can take them before surgery.

Jerry's surgery is in October. After our last 2 big shows of the year, and after fall shearing is done. He will have 6 weeks himself to heal before the pigs go to the butcher. Fortunately he is able to wait for hernia surgery as it is 'only' torn with no intestine involved. But, trust me, I am watching him carefully. As someone who has had 3 hernias of my own, I know they are nothing to fool around with.

I am so excited to hopefully be putting the worst of this shoulder behind me!

I was actually seen by 2 doctors yesterday. The surgeon, Dr. Boselli,
and another doctor who she consulted with and was the one to give me the shot, Dr. Androlia,
The shot was painful and the procedure was interesting. He went in through the back of my shoulder and used ultrasound to located where to put the injection. I don't want to see that bill...

Have a wonderful August all! I hope I'll be back before another month has passed. 😁

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