Sunday, February 04, 2018

A walk through the flocks

 Last night Ebony, a Dorset/Romney,
gave us 1 black and 1 white.
 Early this morning Natalie, a Dorset/Romney with a 
smidge of Jacob, gave us twin black lambs.

 Jack Black wants to know what is taking so long.

 Well, Jack. I was giving the chickens grapes and 
cauliflower to eat, and fresh hay for their nesting boxes.

 And, taking pictures.

 Yes. That is a grain bag on their feeder.
The aracaunas will sit on the top of the feeder
 and poop all over the top of the grain. Now,
they just poop on the bag. 😃

 Patty Duke, Dorset/Romney.
When she was born 2 years ago, her snout looked
like it had been dipped in milk chocolate, as had
one of her ears. She is a first time mom and gave us a single.

 My mom was eating snow, so I decided to eat snow.

 Our very OLD fixed Romney ram Cloud.
Jeremy, a 5 year old Dorset/Romney.

 Patty Duke's single.
He has the Romney nose, and
her chocolate dipped ear. 

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