Thursday, February 15, 2018

Lambs and ice

 Cassidy's 3 day old.
It is so hard to get pictures
of the all black lambs/sheep.

 Magic and her pure Romney ram.

 Natalie and her many speckled lamb.

 Left to right
Chip-Horned Dorset yearling

 Jeremy is a much bigger ram
than his father Stormy.

 I have high hopes for Chip.
Look at those horns.
His mother was not supposed to get
bred last year, but I am glad she did
as we lost Chip's father and we did not
have another other Horned Dorset rams
born that would have interested us for breeding.
You can see all the wood ash Jerry has spread, and
in other places (like the driveway) the blue stone/sand
that the neighbor's have spread. You can also see how 
steep it is going up to the chicken house.

 Going up to the barn.
 Coming out of the barn and headed to the house.

 Looks pretty safe right now. 
Even going down the driveway.

 Going up the driveway.
Going across the driveway.

Right now it is 49 degrees out. Ice is melting.
That is great. Until, the sun goes down and the 
temperature plummets. Then any water on the 
ash or sand freezes back into glass.

Earlier this week, I slipped on said 'glass'.
Do you know what hurts worse than falling on
the ice after shoulder surgery. Slipping on the ice
and having the affected arm swing out away from 
your body and then snap back to your side. 😭
My physical therapist was no amused.
I managed to undo at least 2 weeks worth of
PT. He would like to wrap me up in bubble wrap
and tie me to my chair until I am fully healed.
That could be a LONG few months...

And, no, the ice grippers do NOT work
when the ice is like glass. At least not on the hill.

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