Tuesday, February 26, 2008


Sometimes in life you need to learn to go with the flow.
Below you see our antique creep gate. As you can see, some of the bars have been bent to accommodate the larger lambs. Just outside the gate, out of the reach of the mothers, is the lambs' feed dish. Behind that, covered in plastic, is the less than desirable hay that we are using for bedding. And across the hall is the boys pen.

Above, at the far end, is where Shauna and Snow are.
The next picture shows where the none breeders bunk down at night.
Before we acquired so many ewes, the area across the hall used to be the lambing pen(s). We could fit up to 4 ewes and their lambs in there. The creep then used to be set up at the end of the main 'stall'.
But, now there are 18 ewes that had been bred, 8 ewes in que for next year, and 3 ewes not breeding. So adjustments had to be made. The creep gate was shorter than the green gate and a filler needed to be put in. It is not the prettiest setup, but it is very effective.
A creep is where the lambs can go and eat whenever they want and get away from Mom when they want. (o;


NH Knitting Mama said...

I've really enjoyed reading your blog and learning about how the sheep live. Thanks for daily posting, too!

melanie said...

I've enjoyed your posts. Being new to sheep, I have only two unbreed ewes at the moment, I'm hungry for knowledge. I see by the photos, that most of your ewes have coats... did you make them? where did you purchase them? My sheep have a significant amount of straw, hay, seeds in their fleece.. any suggestions onhow to feed to prevent this? I'd love to talk more (type more) where can i reach you?

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