Thursday, February 28, 2008

Random farm shots the day after a snowstorm

The sheep did not go out yesterday to play in the snow, and I had too much to do to make them.
But, today I put their hay out as far as I could safely walk and they all joined me.

4 of the lambs are not sure what to make of the snow.

This is Snow. She is 100% Romney, born to 2 colored parents. She is slightly red in color. We will have to wait and see what color she really is.

Johan wants to know 'What's up?' and 'Why does my mom like this salt stuff?'

Maggie checks out the creep.

Where the lambs are hanging out. This should be interesting next shearing day, as the sheep are sheared in this hall way. Cleaning it and keeping lambs out will be fun!!

Check out high the snow is behind the house and beside the barn. We haven't had snow like this since we built the house and the barn!! The last time we had a big snow year was in 2000/2001.
We came home from Mexico to snow that looked like this. One of our neighbors plowed the driveway for our housesitter with a skidder!! Jerry can just barely keep up with his tractor...

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NH Knitting Mama said...

Yes, this winter has just been incredible. I loved it all at first, but now I feel like a disgruntled New Englander! ha ha...

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