Sunday, February 10, 2008

more snow!!

These were taken at 1 pm. The snow has started again and shows no sign of stopping for a while. Weatherbug is calling for wind advisory and 6-8 more inches of snow. Welcome to New England.

These were taken about 8 am. Before it started to snow again!! Poor Jerry is spending a lot of time on his tractor plowing snow and pushing the snow banks back.

Looking from the house to the barn, and alongside the house at my bushes.

The brook out behind the boys side of the barn.
Looking up drive and down at house. Biggest snow banks I've seen here in quite a while.

Front deck. Looking along front of house at the cat walk and my lilacs and burning bush.

Looking at the front of the barn. Manure pile on left. Look at snow that came off the roof.

Look at all the snow on the front of the house that has come off the roof this winter.

Looking down driveway.
Looking at my lilac and burning bush. Pushed back snow banks in front of house.

Looking up the driveway at the pushed bank snow banks.

This one area is at least 6' deep. Pushed back snow banks.
Snow that has come off the barn is pretty deep.

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Lee said...

Sure wish I was there to see all that snow. It look lovely from here. I was so hoping it would snow in TN, but it has not:( Will you be posting any lamb pictures?

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