Monday, September 27, 2010

It's raining!!

Thank you Lord for the rain! Our well will be quite happy. (Or as happy as a well can get. LOL)

We set up at VT Sheep and Wool on Friday, my sister and brother-in-law will be here Sunday when we come home, and then we set up the following Friday for 3 days of Wool Arts Tour. Yee Haw! Are we busy enough yet? No! We are still shearing 2 days this week and I have a follow up meeting for Wilmot Farmer's market and market in Bradford on Thursday. Now as long as the Post Office doesn't call, I should be all set.

Any one want to come help me clean and organize, and unpack and repack the van??

And...we seperated the sheep last night into their breeding groups. Stormy and Cornelius each have 11 ewes and there are 11 sheep (wethers, lambs, and non-breeding ewes) in each of the 3 pens. I will take pictures of this when it stops raining. But, I am not in any rush for that!


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