Monday, September 27, 2010

Wonderfall Farm

Marla may have kids, and some adults, left for sale. If interested e-mail her at       
Jerry & Marla sending the llama, does and kids to the barn.

'I heard something!'

It was just one of the goats 'fainting'.

Tom comes to help.

The new Guinea hens

She is already growing her winter coat. I look forward to combing her in the spring and spinning her cashmere.

But, isn't that why they have handles?

The goats get a pedi/manicure every 8 weeks, or so.
Birdie says 'You can't see me!'

Marla says this Guinea hen is sitting on 23 eggs.

Hmm. Do I know you?
Oh honey!! Did he hurt you?

Marla's personal riding lawn mover.

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