Saturday, February 09, 2013

16" and still falling!

 My constant companion, Jack Black.
He only got a few steps away from the deck in the cleared path 
and decided with the wind and the snow, that was enough.
He squatted, peed, and ran back into the house.
 Big baby!! And, he has a fur coat!!

 16" in front of the house.
 Above my snowmobile boots!!
 The girls are NOT coming out.
Well, I might get off my perch/roost for some scratch.
 A little less in front of the barn where the wind is blowing.
 Some one the ewes started out, and then turn rain and barreled back in.
So, I filled their feeders to the top with hay. Gave them all extra water, 
and came back in for another cup of coffee, after I got out of wet clothes!
 Shoveling to the chickens.

Only one ventured out and then hightailed it back in.
She is probably one of the ones to lay her eggs in the barn. 
 I am NOT shoveling a path in front of the barn.
The tractor will do that!
I forgot their mixed scratch, so they got straight scratch.
I forgot egg crates, so I use the grain bucket.
10 eggs on a snowy blustery morning is not a bad thing.

After one of us takes the tractor out to do a little more cleanup, I will collect eggs correctly.
And, I will bring them their correct scratch....
Which is the 'stuff' you buy at the grain store in a 50 pound bag,
sunflower chips and meal worms. To about 6 cups straight scratch I add
~1/2 c. sunflower chips and ~2 T. mealworms.
70 hens get 2-4 handfuls 1-2 times a day.
My hens also have a couple of feeders that are almost always full of layer pellets and production   
pellets mixed 1/2 and 1/2, to 2 layer and 1 production. Depends of the time of year.
This time of year it is less production pellets.
A day like today, even though the feeders are full, they are locked in their yard, 
I will have to fill their feeders again tonight as they will be empty or almost empty.
I much prefer them to free range!!!

I will most likely take more pictures later. But, I'll let the wind calm down a bit. I hope it does!

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