Thursday, February 28, 2013

Monday was a HUGE lamb, sliding into a snow bank, and a very long day!

 One of our boarding Border Leicesters had a HUGE ram lamb just before I was to get out to the barn and feed and let out for the day. I managed to get the 2 of them into the lambing jug and everyone fed and watered before I went to work. The lamb found his way to milk and she found her hay. All was good!

About 1/3 of the way through my delivery day, my luck changed. I am in a congested area, off the main road, of houses. So, you don't travel fast...Coming around the corner and the next thing I know is I am still going straight and SLIDING into the snowbank....Brakes didn't help. Even my studded tires didn't help.
Thank you God!! that we opted to purchased AAA plus. They came and pulled out the car. I think before I go into this area again, I will have a shovel and kitty litter...I am thankful that it was a nice day!!

No one was hurt! Not I, nor the car. I did not hit the bank in such a way to deploy my airbags.
God is so good to me!!!

Will get lamb pictures on here later!

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