Friday, February 08, 2013

More sheep and lamb pictures


Stormy Weather. My pride and joy! He is a Registered Romney ram
He is considered a Tri-Colored. Just look at the color differences on his back.
He was sheared last fall and has not needed a jacket, yet.
 Abraham, a Border Leicester/Romney. 
His fleece is a mess. I will need to split his fleece down the middle.
The sides are fine, just not the spine. 
So, I will either sell 2 1/2s or wash it and card it.
 Gracie is a retired Horned Dorset.
She is our people greeter. And, she LOVES kids!

 Victoria and her daughter Patience.
Vic is a polled Dorset. Patience's father was Horned.
She has scurs (fake horns).
(When sheep don't have horns, they are considered polled. If they have little stubs 
that are loosely attached to their head, those are called scurs.)
 One of last year's Horned Dorset ewes.
 Mini looking for her child.
 Lillian. Border Leicester/Romney.
 Christopher and Kane don't let each other of of their sight.
Chris is now 1, Kane is 5-6.
                                                                              Little hen thinks the burning bush is a good place to sit. But, she is now too heavy for it.
I like that I got her in flight mode in the above picture.
The top of her head was Blue Coated as Bardo, or someone, pinched her comb and made her bleed.

 The chickens taking advantage of the 'naked' dirt along the house.
 Heifer and Mini Me with this year's lambs.
Mini says, 'Are you mine?' She then looks back and sees her own.
Mini Me is Heifer's daughter. Mini had a ram for the 2nd year in a row.
Heifer had a daughter for the first time since Mini.

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