Friday, February 08, 2013

Wednesday. Breakfast and more lambs

 This is the Junction Restaurant in Bradford, NH

 Morning started out with dropping Jerry's car back off at the garage to see what is wrong with it.
Then breakfast with Pam and John of Old Mac Wylie's Farm.
Guess what I had for breakfast? The upper berth. See menu above. 
Jerry gets a little breakfast and we split mine. I like the pancakes, the hash, toast and eggs.
Crisp bacon and sausage, and he gets some potatoes and the ham.

 Home in time to catch a chicken sheep hopping.
She is also eating hay seed off their backs.
 This is Keira, a Dorset/Romney with her black baby beside her.
Next is her mother Victoria, the polled Dorset.

 From there the chicken heads for Cassidy.
She is Dorset/Romney/Shetland.

 Candace entertains her twins.
This is another reason we try to keep them jacketed.

 Bardo and some of his hens warming their feet on the manure pile.
He is just singing his heart out!

 Later in the day Rachael went into labor.
She presented us with a little girl.
Then she started pushing again. But, the 2nd was breech.
The toes are supposed to point up with a normal presentation.
 Sometimes they can deliver a breech on their own, but because we were there,
and did not want to chance losing the lamb and possibly the ewe, Jerry helped.

 With a breech it is even more important to make sure their airway is open. Often when the umbilical cord is broken during a breech delivery, the lamb may take a breath and aspirate the birthing fluids. We want to make sure the airway is open and most often, as this one did, they will sneeze out some of the fluid.

 Birthing is a bloody mess. It is amazing to me that the breech baby is white while the 1st born here is yellow. She won't be for long! Mom will make sure of that.

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