Wednesday, May 03, 2017

I got the horse trailer hooked up to the tractor all by myself!!

No small feat for someone who does not have full range of motion in one shoulder. 😉 But after moving the tractor a little forward and a little back NUMEROUS times, I got it on.  But, before I could start loading it the heavens opened up. I guess God was telling me no more for today.

Most of the totes are in the kitchen and bedroom waiting their turn to go out. I have to get it done by this Saturday morning, even though NH Sheep & Wool Festival is not until next weekend as we are shearing Saturday through Thursday evening next week. We need to leave here no later than 10 am on Friday. I was hoping to get some more dyeing done before festival, but that is not looking good at this point.

 You can see here there are donuts for the pigs
on top of one of my totes, and coats for the sheep
on the chair behind that waiting to go out to the barn.

 The king sized guest bed is holding the dyed roving
and two of my show bags and a large tote with signs plus.

 This was taken from my front door. You can see I don't have
far to go to the trailer parked in front of the barn with the totes.
Nor is it far from the greenhouse turned raw wool storage house.

Hopefully I can get some of it packed tomorrow...
If the rain will just hold off.

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