Tuesday, May 30, 2017

My poor van!!

Yes, it has been dinged and scratched by mailboxes 
that have attacked it in the 5 years I've delivered with it, 
but never has it had a tree fall on it.
Hubby was napping in his chair and I was napping on
the bed when SNAP! BANG! we heard the tree break 
off and hit my car!
Even though he came home sick himself yesterday,
he went out in the rain with the chainsaw to cut the
tree off my car so I can go out and get grain today.

 It dented the rack and right above the window.
(I will find out today if the window will close.)
It put a new, larger dent in the side door, and took
2 stripes of paint off the front door under the handle.

I will find out today after the junk car guy comes to 
get my old Jeeps if there is any other damage when
I try to drive it away.
Thank God for junk vehicles to sell. Now I will have
grain for the crew for hopefully another month.
Now for the customer for the Kia to come pay for that
and to haul it off. That will pay for hay for another month.
And if the tree did a lot more damage than we can see,
YEAH! As the car is fully covered under insurance
because of delivering mail and his shearing jobs.

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