Thursday, July 31, 2008

Hot & extremely humid in Newport, NH (6/28/08)

I am sure this caused quite a stir amongst the neighbors on this quiet street. This is the home to my LYS (local yarn shop)-Hodgepodge Yarns & Fibers. Apparently the humidity set off every fire/smoke detector on all 3 floors of the building. So when we couldn't find anything visible and could not get the alarms to go off, we called the fire department. They managed to get this quiet again. Thank you Newport Fire Department!!
I knew it was going to rain, so we put up our sides. (Clear heavy duty shower curtains.)
And then we watched the lightning, but of course it is elusive and I couldn't get any pictures of it, and we waited out the rain. Now I told my friends that I love them dearly, but if it was there time to go, I would prefer them not to take me with them now. Picture 2 tents with metal legs under a massive oak in the middle of a thunder and lightning storm with the women standing in puddles....
We took some things down in anticipation that it was not going to let us, but only worsen. But it did give in and we put things back up and took down our sides. The sides are nice, but if it is hot and humid it is like a sauna in there.
It rained so hard and so fast that we had about 3" of water inside the tent.
And then it stopped, just in time to close up for the night.
And we all sat and recuperated from the long hot and humid day.

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