Sunday, January 15, 2017

First lambs, first spinning and first prolapse of 2017

Jerry came home yesterday to a set of twins still soaking wet. He got Baabaara, a white Dorset/Romney/Border Leicester, with her twin black ewe lambs into a pen away from the rest of the crew. The father is Stormy, my black Romney. The littlest  one could not find the nipple, even with help from hubby. So, he milked her twice and fed the little one from the bottle. Come morning she was nursing all by herself. She just needed a little help. I am unable to get good pictures at this time as the lambs are so dark. Hopefully tomorrow.... :)

Today we had our 2 4-H young teens and their mother here for our beginning spinning group. As they borrowed Stormy to breed their 2 Romney ewes we have been teaching about lambing each time we see  them. Today they got to learn about a prolapsed uterus and a harness. We've heard someone groaning for a couple of days, but every time we go in the barn they stop. Today I was able to figure out who, and why, she's been groaning. I can honestly say it is the first time I've ever put a prolapse back in. Usually Jerry does it.  But with my shoulder, I could not hold her, and it went in a  LOT easier than I thought it would. And, the girls got another lesson in sheep.

We got both of the carding machines up and running. Until the 20 year old Duncan Carder decided to break a belt... Now if I can just get them to ship the belts....

Have a good night all.

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