Thursday, January 12, 2017

On lamb watch....

 Just a grey dreary day in Sutton, NH with a loudly
groaning sheep in the barn. Technically, we are not
due to have our first lamb until Monday...But, nature
has its own time table. Generally sheep gestate for 150
days, but we've found those with twins often times only 
go 145 days. So, we have a LOT that could go any minute!!!

 Yes, human. I know you just gave me fresh water!
I'd rather eat the snow, thank you very much!

 Oreo got a fresh jacket last night.
She is as big as a house, poor girl.

 Nea. The ancient llama.
I think she's 23 this year.

 And, Noggen. The ancient alpaca.
I think he is 19 this year.
Stormy to his left and Carl the cow in front.

 Carl coming to check out the camera.

 We've got some girls with some massive udders.
 Candace. One of our original Horned Dorset ewes
from Fruit Cake Farm in Grafton, NH.
She is at least 9. 3 years ago she gave birth to 
fully formed still born twins. She has not gotten
pregnant, nor acted 'right' since then. She doesn't
appear to be sick physically in any way, just off.
 Patience. Polled Dorset/Horned Dorset cross.
She has one of the biggest udders and bellies here.

 Mini Me. Her mother was Heifer.
1/2 Border Leicester, 1/2 Jacob.
Mini is 1/2 Horned Dorset.

 We have the nicest neighbors!!
We could not get out of the drive to get 
to my appointment yesterday morning until
Jerry took ashes out of the wood furnace to make 
a path for my wheels off the ice. When we got 
home we found that Pebbles and Bam had
spread sand over the ice going down the hill.

 Can you see how shiny it is above the sand?
That is what the entire driveway looked like
yesterday. Thank God it doesn't happen often here.
Just once or twice a winter when it rains instead of 
snowing and then the temperatures drop...

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