Friday, January 27, 2017


 Candace. A 8-9 year old Horned Dorset ewe
that we weren't going to shear until March as
we were hoping she did not get pregnant for 
the 2nd year in a row. But, no. She's is bagging
up. So, until she lambs, she will be kept separate 
and fed an extra portion of grain and hay daily.

 Harriet. The ewe that prolapsed her 
vagina twice and had to wear a prolapse 
paddle for a week and a half.
Now that she has been sheared, she is
no where near as fat as we thought she was.
Like Candace, she will be getting an 
extra portion of grain and hay.

 All of the mothers, and mothers to be, 
are now sheared. Now for the job of skirting
fleeces. So many are damp from them laying
out on the snow that I will need to leave them
open on sheets in various rooms of my house.

 The boys. They will be sheared in March
along with the coated yearlings.
These should be awesome fleeces 
as they've been coated since they were 
sheared last year!

 Lambs hanging out in the newly set up
creep feeder. Now they can eat grain when 
they want without the mothers stealing it
from them. They need to eat as much as 
possible to be as big as possible to sell.

 Just a few of the fleeces I will be working on today.
In the pink sheet is Cassidy. She is Dorset/Romney
with a smidge of Shetland a couple of generations
back. I am keeping this one for myself.

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