Monday, January 16, 2017

Lamb pictures

 They are so dark, it is hard to get indoor pictures.
 So, I opened the gate and invited Baabaara to go out.

 One is black and one is charcoal.
 The lambs did not want to go in so some of
the other ewes came in to see them.
That is Betty coming in first.

 Finally, they are out!
But, not far from the barn.

 The yearlings are not liking the new lambs.

 The first way she was trussed up.
She managed to to loosen the harness and
prolapsed her uterus again today.
I took another sheep coat and stitched the 
straps to the sides and then we hooked the 
paddle to the hooks and the end of the straps.
Maybe I can get some pictures tomorrow,
or the next day. Depends how late I work
on Tuesday. And, when the snow starts...
 You'd have thought Patience would have been
the first to lamb. She always has a massive bag.
 Patty Duke.

Prolapse retainer

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