Wednesday, January 18, 2017

New lambs and snow

Jonna, a Horned Dorset ewe, had one black ewe lamb before I got home from work. Hubby was home. Patience, a Dorset ewe, had one black ewe after dinner and a black ram around 10 pm.

In the meantime, after dinner, it was snowing like crazy. As of 8 am we had 6" on the front deck and 7" in the front yard away from the house. And it is still snowing... We need to leave by 9:30 to make sure we have enough time to make it to see the surgeon about my shoulder in Concord. I'd rather be early than late. I am really hoping that he will operated and fix it once and for all. 😃

She kept trying to hide her lambs.



 Nea. Keeping an eye on things.

 3 pens set up in the center aisle of the barn.
 Looking back at the house from the barn.
Zoomed in the catch Jack Black waiting for us.

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