Wednesday, July 04, 2018

Update on my ankle

 The cast before removal.
 My poor long suffering hubby.
He has been up and going for 14
hours at this point.

 The cast is FINALLY coming off.

 I was so fascinated by the process,
I forgot to take the pictures when it
actually was removed from my leg.
 Now all the packing material comes off.

 33 days later and it is still incredibly
swollen! My skin looks like Saran Wrap
stretched tightly over a bowl.

 Because it is so swollen, and because
Dr. Duffy ties his stitches tightly,
it was difficult and PAINFUL for
the tech to remove them. He acutally
went and got Dr. Duffy to see if all
of the stitches were out. He said there
could be one or two pieces under the
scabs, but they would migrate out.
He did not want to cause me any
 more pain. Thank you  Dr. Duffy!

This is what the yellow strips are 
that are placed over all 3 wounds.

 The cast cart awaits!
 The first wrap goes on to protect the wounds.

 I place my foot on this stand and the tech 
starts to wrap the 'packing' material around
my foot and leg. I am pretty well padded.
Hopefully this time I won't feel my bones rubbing.
 A sock goes on first, then the 
'packing' material.

 Now the fiberglass cast material.
YES! I got my purple this time.
It comes in a roll, which she dunks in
a bucket of water and squeezes out the
excess. She then starts rolling it on
my leg. It took her 4 rolls to do the leg.

Right now the only BIG pain is the incision sites.
All the 'messing around' trying to get the stitches
out did not help. Yes, I do still feel the plates in
there. Yes, the bones are still quite painful.
Yes, I can feel the screw at the top of the
foot, and the gauze across the top of the foot.
But, now that I am in a tighter cast and the foot
can not move like last time, it is much better.
No, he did not do exrays at this time because
of the swelling. 😞 But, I go back in another
2 weeks and have this cast off and try again.
If all looks good, I may get a boot or an inflatable
cast. Maybe I can shower like a 'normal' person
and not have a plastic bag over the cast.
If the weather, and my Fibromyalgia & 
Lyme would cooperate, maybe my swelling
would go down. In the meantime, I will
sit with my foot elevated in the house
with the fans going, or in the car with
the AC going, and pray for the swelling
to go away. And, as you may (or may not) 
be able to see from the pictures, the 
whole thing is still quite bruised!!!

Have a Happy & safe 4th of July all!!

And, Happy 37th birthday to my loving
daughter Valery Green. Enjoy your day
off Val. I hope you and Dahlia (grand
dog) gets LOTS of water time and stay cool!


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