Friday, July 06, 2018

Sometimes I do get out of the house, other than to see the surgeon.

 I find it more comfortable to ride in Jerry's truck.

 My transfer spot.
 My knitting, or in this case crocheting, goes everywhere with me.

 Beyond over heated and hot!
 There was a bald eagle soaring overhead, and out
 of sight off to the left, a very pissed off hawk.
 Valery, this is for you. No, I don't need a ramp to
get on and off the deck. Jerry, or whomever I am 
riding with that day, pulls up to the deck as close as they can.

 I then hop from the vehicle, holding on to the door,
until I get to the deck. I then sit down on the milk
crate. (My idea!)

Getting on the deck, I will then swing my legs 
up onto the deck and pull myself up and into the 
wheel chair. I can do the same thing with the walker
but I do not feel stable enough to do that again at this time.

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Dori said...

Very clever! lol Sometimes you just need to see some daylight! How warm is it there today?

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