Tuesday, July 10, 2018

Last night's visitor

These were taken around 7 pm last night.
She did not have her baby with her.

 Not too many years ago, 3 maybe, we put down black
gold manure (manure that had aged 5 years or more 
and was pure black) and a Hayland grass mix that we
purchased from Henniker Farm and Country Store.
While it is loaded with great grass and also has quite
a bit of clover in it. This was planted mainly as pasture
for our sheep, secondly as it makes a nice looking
lawn when mowed. But, Miss Porcupine is pretty
sure that we planted the clover just for her.

 She just realized that I was talking to HER!

Look how big her eyes look.

 Quick! I need to get into the tree to hide.

From here she stayed on the backside of the tree.
At the angle I was at up on the farmer's porch, I was 
unable to get any more pictures of her. Generally,
I am on the ground taking pictures. Husband says 
that she has a WHITE baby that he has seen 2 out
of 3 nights, including last night. If I can I will get 
pictures of the baby as well. A couple of months ago,
we saw a large adult WHITE porcupine about a mile
from the farm crossing the road in front of us from the
farm side of the road. I wonder if that is daddy.

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