Thursday, October 18, 2012

A day on the farm

All is quiet here on the farm. Yesterday we picked up 15 1 1/2 year old chickens that are laying like gang busters. I am not sure what breed/cross breed they are. I'll have to ask again. Friendly things. They've never free ranged/ pasture ranged. They had a house and a small yard.

 Ewenice, the fat Romney, in front. Dolores behind her. Lizzie below. And the new chickens.

 Just hanging out.
 One of my leghorns has finally laid again. It's been weeks, and they don't appear to be molting.
One of our Easter Eggers laying a blue/green egg.

 We are no longer washing eggs. That way we don't have to keep the storage fridge at 40 degrees.
As you can see from our labeling, we are letting people know. The dirtiest ones are washed and kept here.
The others are just from dirty feet coming in to lay next to the first egg(s).

 One of the Easter Eggers with one of my sex link's eggs.
Both extra large plus.

 Don't you just love the color?
Look inside the EE egg. It is the same color in as out.

 Pearl Blue Bantam.
 4 of our different chickens.
 2 of the newest birds.
 Little hen, now 5 1/2 months old. Already as big as her mother.

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