Monday, October 29, 2012

Monday morning blog hopping

I am bored, so I am blog hopping. I really should hook up the laptop and download pictures from school this past weekend, but not now...

This is an interesting blog and I agree with filling the pantry ahead of time with sale items. Some of our items next year, like peas and beans and anything I can dehydrate or can, will be in our pantry. But for now...

I love her pantry! We use closet maid in the upstairs pantry and gondola style shelving downstairs for  the canned items. (The shelving came from the grocery store my husband works for when Hannaford Brothers bought the business and stripped the store back to the bones and refilled it.)

This blog is chuck full of information! We have ordered our own 1/2 grass fed Angus at $4/lb prefrozen. My husband is a little anxious about the price, but I think it is going to be more than worth it in the end. When the cow/steer comes, then we will see if we need a 2nd freezer for the 2 lambs.

And, this is a place I've bookmarked to return to next spring for recipes for the butternut and quinoa I plan to grow.

Tomatoes. Store bought beauties vs. farm raised heirlooms which are often 'ugly'

Not bad for a 4x8 garden. Wonder what I can do in hoophouse 10x30?
And how to do a 4x8 garden.


Then on over to the sister's blog for a look at fermented foods.
 I like that this company is MADE IN NH! 

More recipes from Cooking Traditional Foods.

I can't wait to get next year's garden in to make some of the recipes here! Lots of soup will be in next year's pantries! From the Nourished Living Network

And, as someone who has never fermented anything on purpose, this is an interesting blog post.

Not something I think I'll do, but others may find this interesting.

Offal & Odd Bits Challenge 

From the above blog, something I should go do now.

OK. It is no longer morning and I've had enough blog hopping for now. Off to find my seeds and try the above.




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