Thursday, October 18, 2012

Well, the tomatoes did not get covered and the top ones froze. But, I was able to pick a lot that were nearer to the bottom.

Surgery went well. They decided to knock me out cold, instead of using 'twilight' which was fine by me. I was so hungry by the time they got me in (an hour late) that I was getting a headache. The anesthesiologist gave me Tramadol in my IV to counter act the pain, as well as the nurse pumping in the IV fluid to get me re-hydrated.             

I was cut on the inside of both thumbs and the right carpal tunnel.
 I went from this after surgery, to the braces after 2 days.

 The purple marker is where I was cut.
All in all, I am doing quite well 1 week later.
Stitches come out on the 29th.
We will see how soon I can go back to work after that!! 

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