Monday, October 01, 2012

VT Sheep & Wool Festival

Despite it raining all weekend, we had a wonderful festival. We sold lots of $10 fleeces and lots of our fleeces that I marked 20% off. We will have the same sale this next weekend at Wool Arts Tour. Roving sold well also. 
Lots of people shopping carefully as none of us know what will happen after the November election... Even I only bought a $4 maple ice cream cone, and a $35 basket. Sales were not outstanding, nor were they worse than last year. 
Met a lot of new people and saw ~3/4 of our regulars. I know it was a hardship for others to come 2 hours or more due to gas prices. But!! Wool Arts Tour is coming up this weekend. Come see us in Deering and get yourself a deal on fleeces! We have Mohair, including Natural Colored kid and yearling fleeces. We have lots of Icelandic from our customer in the White Mountains as well.


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