Friday, September 28, 2012

Rainy Friday

 Earl Gray has turned into quite the mouser. At least 2 every night for the past few days.

 The chickens will often eat the dead/dying mice.
But, not the moles. Jack thinks he is missing out on something.

 This is why we have fleeces with muddy tips!! Nice dry barn, and they want to lay out in the mud.
 Christopher, our newest Horned Dorset ram.
He is just 7 months old.

 Ewenice, a Romney ewe, is posing pretty.
 Christopher. Isn't he pretty?

 Gray Girl. A pearl Bantam that was left out of last weeks butchering.
She doesn't want to be in the barn with Bardo's crew, so she'll be in here for a bit.
 The girls are slowing getting used to their new digs.

 They were not happy with the shavings, at least not to lay in...
 Poly coated hardware cloth to keep out the bees and predators.
 Duck cloth to cover the windows
 This egg was freshly laid on the floor by the chicken below.
And, as you can see my surgery incision is healing nicely!

 Temporary door. The glass door will come off the other chicken house and replace this one.
There will be a smaller chicken door to the left of this.
 Look!! A dozen eggs in 2 days instead of a week.
And the Ameraucanas are laying as well.
The label says it all!
We recycle cartons, with our customers help, to keep prices down.
And the only eggs that get washed are the really dirty ones and I use those.
But, since we had the butchering day, we've had nothing dirtier than what you see above!

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