Sunday, September 16, 2012

Saturday farm pics

 Little 'Roo. He is as big as the hens now at 4 1/2 months.

 Jerry, aka Freezer lamb. Soon.
 Lizzie, Delores and Ben aka freezer lamb 2.
 Lizzie, Delores, Ben & Jerry, Betsy & Millie spent the summer with L&D's owners.
The lambs, on grass, are bigger than my lambs on grain, hay and some grass...
Some of the turkeys are back.

 Heifer (Dorset x Border Leicester/Jacob) watching the turkeys.
 The rest of the flock comes to see what I am doing.

 Ben and Jerry on the front right. My Jerry wants to wait a bit on sending them to 'camp' in order to shear them. They have absolutely GORGEOUS fleeces!

 Delores and Lizzie

 Wait a minute Human!! What is that? says Olivia. The lambs want away!!
It is just one of the kittens says I.
 Ewenice, Romney ewe.
 Wait girls!! There is someone following  us!
 Lillian, a Border Lecester x Romney, checking out Earl(ine) Gray.
 Poppy, registered Romney ewe.
 Keira. Dorset x Romney.

Headed back to the barn.

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