Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Moulting-how, when and why

As a still fairly new owners of chickens, I found this article very interesting. We are down to one or two eggs a day.

I pick up another group of older laying hens today. Hopefully one group will still be laying while the other group moults. This way we can still have eggs year-round.

 The greenhouse/chicken house and the transport cages.

 Most of the new birds are Ameraucanas.
 One white hen decided to come along as well. Possibly a white rock?
 With a few NH Reds thrown in to round out the numbers.

 One of my black sex links was in a nest when we brought the birds in.
I think this one stuck her head where it did not belong. The bleeding was stopped when I found her.
I checked on her again later when we put the others to bed and she appears to be fine.
 Notice the linoleum floor. It should make keeping the building cleaning easy.

 Under the nest boxes will be broody central, if it happens again.
 It will be nice to see eggs in there in the morning. Or the next day. Give them time to settle.
 As close to nature as they will come inside their house.

 We borrowed the cage in front from Denise. It held 15 birds.
The cage in the back from Pam held 10.
We now have a total of 45 hens and 1 rooster.

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