Friday, September 21, 2012

Raspberry cleanup and a little more on chicken house.

Beautiful day
The greenhouse/chicken house in progress
The uncovered roof panels. As a greenhouse this will be perfect!
But, as a chicken house, well... We want warm birds, not hot!

Duck cloth blocks the sun and offers some degree of warmth.
The nesting and brooding area
What are you doing human? Bardo keeps tabs on me, as well as his hens.
I'd just wish this human would go away so that I can lay my egg!!!

Most of the ceiling is covered. I recycled a water bed sheet. 
Toying with not covering the last couple of feet of the roof. Will see.

A 32' wall of tomatoes and raspberries.
Empty pots waiting for fresh dirt and new life.

Little Roo and some hens hiding in the raspberry canes.

 A wall of raspberries, red and yellow, and asters in front of the tomatoes.

The chickens chase me everywhere looking for new goodies that I might give them.
Or unearth for them.

See the jet?
The pen for the non-breeders. No escaping ram is going to get in there.


During the year I/we backdrag the muck, hay and stuff that builds up coming out of the barndoor.
Next year, or the year after, this is ready to be put straight in the garden.
I hate my animals having to walk through inches of mud. But, it happens most every spring.
They walk out in the winter pooping and slopping hay, then it snows. Then they walk out again.
And it is a never ending process. But, as soon as the tractor is able to get up there, we do this.

As soon as Christopher has had 4 weeks with the ladies,
Kane will get the next 4 weeks for 'clean up'.
Chickens in the barn with me.

Non-breeders. Too old or too young.

Ready to do battle. Latex glove over hand with stitches.
Followed by the gripper gloves.
Raspberries before being cut back for winter.
Bucket starts to fill up.

Finished! Hopefully this fall I will be able to repair the lawn.
After the chickens are moved of course!

Jack Black is so funny. He will take any box, as long as it's a box!.

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