Saturday, September 22, 2012

Butchering day

Pam and John came to help/teach with the butchering of the 
birds that we got from them last year. John killed, skinned and 
took the breast and legs from the birds. The only one gutted 
was Little Roo. He is whole in my freezer. He would have
 stayed but he was mean to the girls!!

  Setting up for killing.
 Pam is trying to hang another and to stay away from the blood of the beheaded chicken

 Waiting for them to drain and stop moving.
It is true that they move around A LOT after their heads are cut off
 John cut the head off. He cuts the spine first, then the rest of the neck

 He cut the skin up the front of the bird like a zipper. 
Then he pulls the skin away from the breast and the leg.

 Cutting the breast away from the bone.
 Pam setting up her Seal A Meal

 My lead her is trying to figure out what John is doing.
 All of the bodies go into the tractor bucket  and then buried in the manure pile.
Come spring you'd never know that they are been there.
 Thankfully it was a chilly bug free day. 
As soon as some were sealed they went directly to the deep freeze.

 Jerry even got in on it.

 Bardo comes to see what is happening.
 Little Roo. Even though he was gorgeous, I can't have any mean animals here on the farm.
He's got his head up trying to figure out how to get out of there!

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