Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Today is a sick day, literally!

I don't know if I picked up a bug yesterday with all the time I spent waiting to see the doctor (1 hour+), sitting with the woman trying to schedule my next surgery, and an EKG, and then getting 2 more vials of blood drawn....Oh yes. I sat waiting to get blood drawn earlier, 6 vials worth, for the young man to try to translate the handwriting on 2 lab slips for 2 different doctors and to hand write EVERYTHING because their computers were down. And then I had an hour to kill, so I ran to Staples to get what I need for our upcoming shows.
By the time I was done in Concord, it was time to go pick up Jerry from work. All that on only one cup of coffee and a blueberry muffin. Blah!

I, almost, know what it must feel like getting ready for a colonoscopy. I will not be going far from my computer today. Which is fine, because I have paperwork to catch up on and labels to print, and blogs to catchup reading, and....

I may just take a book out to the covered porch and try to soak up some rays and warm up for a bit. I may update the blog with Saturday's pictures from our chicken butchering day, and then again I might just leave those in the hard drive for reference later.

Off to find something to eat and to do my paperwork. TTFN!

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