Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Happy humpday!

Ewe & I Farm, and its driveway (steep), survived last night's winds (up to 45 mph they say) and the torrential rain!! We are still in such a drought state that the ground has soaked up the majority of it. Chance of rain is 50% for today, but you would not know it right now. The sun is shining, the sheep are foraging or laying about chewing their cuds, the chickens are out chasing bugs or laying about themselves soaking up the sun.
Today is all about finishing up my end of the chicken house/green house with securing more hardware cloth to the ends of the rafters and the top sides. I also need to staple the fabric to the roof rafters. We ran out of plywood for the sides, so moving the chickens will have to wait a bit.
Chickens will be slaughtered and canned on the 23rd, so I can scavenge/reclaim the plywood from there. The Gravely and its attachments will be going in that 'chicken house'. It was supposed to be a temporary holding pen...
I am looking to purchase new younger adult birds as soon as these have been canned. Going from 5 dozen a day to maybe 1 dozen a day has really killed our bottom line. The chickens 'were' paying for the grain for the whole farm. BUT not now...later.
Since I do a lot more posting on Face Book why don't you wander on over and 'friend' the farm there?

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