Wednesday, September 19, 2012

A day on the farm

 The naked butt chickens are the ones getting canned.
 'OH! YUM!!'

 The chickens enjoying over-ripe tomatoes brought home in the sheep's green.
The chickens get a lot of the fruit from the greens.

 Jack Black thinks that John Deere is his.

 Bardo upper left, his son Little Roo upper right.
Little hen in lower right. Black sex link, Little Roo's mom?
Plymouth Rock, Little Hen's mom, or White Leghorn....

 Little Roo and Little Hen. They are also full size. They will be 5 months old October 1.
 Peppers and tomatoes from the garden.
The peppers will go into homemade salsa and the tomatoes into tonight's salad.

 Earl(ine) Gray and Jack Black
Behind them are egg crates from our customers. We will reuse them for our eggs. 
This helps to keep our prices down.

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