Tuesday, September 11, 2012


Carpal tunnel surgery went well. I even got to see the nerve and what Dr. Mollano had cut.The hole he was working in was spread open to the size of a dime. 10 cc. of numbing agent to start with and shot after shot for another 10 cc of numbing agent. Boy, did that stuff burn! He said the tunnel was real tight! It was no wonder why I was in so much pain. The only limitations I have is to lift nothing heavier than a cup of coffee, and keep moving the fingers. Thursday I take off the bandaging and can wear a regular band-aid. Two weeks I go back to get the stitches out.
October 3rd, or sooner if I can switch my appointment, I get the right hand done, as well as tendonitis in the thumb. Right in the middle of VT Sheep & Wool and Wool Arts Tour!

I can drive, so I will be headed to work later to talk to my boss and then on to MHT for a while to visit. 
Tomorrow we are off for Jerry to shear goats and then I plan on updating the fleece blog. (I know. I've said it before...But, I can't get called in for a while.)

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