Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Hoop houses and blogs

I am reading my way through this blog today and was reminded that I need to feel better soon and get my hoop house up and over my tomatoes. This hoop house will be temporary. The more permanent one will be inside the garden. Hubby used 32' of cattle panel covered with chicken wire on one side of the garden to keep out the sheep and chickens. The tomatoes were planted all that for stability as they grew. The only problem with that is the 30ish feet of raspberries growing in front of the tomatoes. So, I have green tomatoes, flowers on the plants still, and the threat of frost.

This is the blog I intimated to above. http://www.earthineer.com/content.php?blogid=5066 Hooping It Up! Hoop Houses by Earthineer.

I could spend all day here-http://www.kerrcenter.com/publications/hoophouse/index.htm

Here too- http://hoophouse.msu.edu/


And from another contributor to this blog, Salsa recipe..

I am enjoying Lambykins posts!
Kitchen Scraps and Food Storage    http://www.earthineer.com/content.php?blogid=1348

The next thing to add to the farm is a solar dehydrator!!

That will keep you all busy for a while! TTFN!

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