Monday, September 03, 2012

A (Labor) day on the farm

 Before I get started...

 I am just chilling here!

Skirting and tagging fleeces for the sale bin.
 This is how our hay gets wet spots! Psycho on top of the bales. She climbs up there to sun.

 Skirted and tagged fleeces will go into the wheelbarrow and then to the 'holding' area.
 Cats keeping me company.

Psycho came down off the hay to roll in the fleece skirts. She's a crazy cat!

 The gray Bantam and the Barred cross are two we are keeping from the 'rescued' chickens.

 Some just are not keeping/regrowing their feathers.
 Little hen front center.

 Little Roo was nowhere to be found. He was up top with some of the girls.
 My daughter thinks we should keep him. We think he should be Sunday dinner.
 He is only 4 months old and bigger than the hens. Not quite as big as his dad, yet.

And, this is all by 11 am. 
Time to get back to the fleeces!

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