Wednesday, March 16, 2016

And, then there were 11

Dani, a 2 year old Horned Dorset, gave us twins at
1:30 a,m. A white ewe and a black ram.
 I LOVE my Horned Dorset sheep!
Easy lambing, great mothers.

 At 2:30 Jonna gave us a LARGE ram lamb.
 I've not gotten a picture of the lamb still in the water
sack during delivery before. Usually the sack has
broken by the time we get out there.
Looks like he is trying to dive out of his mother.
 She seems to be saying 'If I clean this baby, I can
claim it and not have to have my own.'
 The water sack breaks, and WHOOSH! here he comes.

 Some of the 5 mothers with their 8 lambs in the nursery.

 The boys. So far, Christopher the Horned Dorset has 2, 
and Jeremy the black/brown Dorset/Romney has 9.

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