Sunday, March 13, 2016

More lambs

We are now up to 6 lambs from 4 mothers. 2 sets of twins,
and 2 singles. Ivory had a white ewe, Kelly a black ram 
and a black ewe. Oreo a black ram, and Shirley a white
ewe and a black ram. So, we are at 3 ewes and 3 rams.
I had hoped for more today since we both had the day off...
But, they will probably wait until 2 am Monday.

 Twins. They don't hang out together much. Yet.

 Trying to photograph white sheep in the sunshine
with my old camera does not work well...

 Isn't he adorable? NO. I do not need another
ram, or another wether.

 Some of the pregnant ewes hanging out in the barn.

 Candace. Jerry's Horned Dorset.
I don't think she is pregnant.
Last year she gave birth to still-born twins...
This is her last chance to give us lambs.
She will then be retired.

 We've got some BIG bags!!
Out of 20 ewes, we are sure 17 are pregnant.
4 have given birth so far. 13 definites to go!

 Crispy. Dorset X Romney
Poppy and Christopher's daughter.
Waiting for her to lamb...

 Oreo, Dorset/Romney and her ram lamb born 
Saturday while we were at work.
 She is a brat. When I would push the button on the
camera, she'd move her head and block the lamb.

 Shirley, a Horned Dorset.
The black is a ram, the white is a ewe.
Also born Saturday while we were at work.

 Erin, a Horned Dorset.
Poor thing is so big that she shuffles and waddles.
I wish she'd hurry up and have her babies!!
 Above and below are Kelly's babies from early Friday morning.

 Ivory's ewe lamb. She is so hard to photograph
in the sunshine. She has a black nose and black
feet, as well as some black spots on her sides.
Her ears and beak at tipped with brown.
She is the only one I am considering keeping.
She is a Dorset/Romney.

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